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Schoolsworks is a multi-academy trust in West Sussex. Our aim is to create small hubs of schools which work closely together to collaborate, share best practice and improve outcomes for children.



Vision and aims

Rustington Community Primary is a friendly, caring school committed to offering every child a secure, stimulating and happy environment where your child can do their best.

We aim for our school to be a place where children, staff and families are valued and all work together to ensure that children are challenged academically, inspired creatively and supported and fostered in their emotional development. 

With the correct balance, our pupils develop the self respect, self esteem, knowledge and skills that they will need to succeed in life.

Aims of the School

Creating the citizens of tomorrow

Rustington prides itself on its community feel. Our aim is for our pupils to participate within both the local and wider community through engaging with organisations and people and experiencing a range of contexts which can then influence their understanding and learning.

Towards this aim we provide a culturally rich curriculum which celebrates both diversity and differences; based around high quality texts within a high aspiration climate.

We work closely with parents to support children in becoming confident individuals who can play a full role in their local community whilst also preparing them for life in the wider world.

High expectations for everyone

All staff at our school have high expectations, both for themselves and of what our pupils can accomplish. We model these high expectations in our work with children, so that they develop a sense of self-belief and set high expectations for themselves. We celebrate pupils’ successes in all areas, both in and out of school, providing challenge to enable them to achieve more, and valuing risk-taking that allows children to learn from both their mistakes and their successes.

A curriculum for personal development

At Rustington we value all aspects of the curriculum in its broadest sense, from reading and arithmetic, to computing and the arts. Teachers develop the curriculum to provide lessons which inspire pupils to further their learning, including outside of school.

We aim to provide learning opportunities that promote a sense of curiosity in our pupils, introducing them to new ideas and enabling them to develop their own interests and aspirations.

Learning dispositions

Our teaching builds independence, challenges stereotypes, encourages empathy and respect for alternative opinions, encourages resilience, good communication and collaboration whilst also promoting positive community relations. 

As part of this teaching we run a parallel strand of life skills which enables a focus on personal qualities and skills that are needed in every aspect of our daily lives. We also use and encourage critical thinking through structured use of questioning – this helps our children explore ideas and develop a respect for other opinions. 

Our Curriculum


For further information and details about what your child will be studying in every subject please see our detailed planning under the Curriculum menu.